About Us

In the 21st century, the healthcare industry has undoubtedly witnessed tremendous changes and benefits as well with the advancement of information technology. The integration of IT in healthcare has greatly changed the way society accesses the healthcare industry. Digital Health, the use of technology to enhance and simplify approaches and concerns to healthcare, has the ability to not only influence our impression of healthcare but also to transform the world of medicine through digital growth. And with the rise of mobile health apps or medical apps, there has been a significant change in how patients relate to doctors and vice versa.

Healthcare goes digital

Today, in medical technology, innovation plays a crucial role in keeping good health. Medical apps not only give people more control over their medical decisions but also empower them with knowledge about their health. And lately, the medical app market is on an upward trajectory with an increasing number of people using these applications. As a result, healthcare organisations are investing more in the realm of mobile healthcare and adopting or developing their own mobile healthcare apps. These applications are developed specifically to serve a wide range of patients with different types of needs. And one such application or to say a platform is Patientcare24*7.

A platform that bridges the patient-doctor gap

Patientcare24*7 is a people’s platform where they can get access to everything related to health issues and exploring new ways to live healthier. An avenue wherein patients can seek out medical help and attention when the same is needed the utmost. We know that communication is of paramount importance when it comes to the factors that decide the way the healthcare industry functions. And without proper communication, effective healthcare is not achieved. Henceforth, Patientcare24*7 focuses on the ease of accessibility of healthcare services for the patients and bolstering the doctor-patient relationship. Now let us share an overview of the services that Patientcare24*7 is providing with

Doctor’s Appointment: ( Coming soon )

Often, there are times when someone is stuck in a doctor’s clinic or at the hospital for hours just for an appointment or in some cases just to book one. And these type of situations causes a lot of frustration in the mind of patients. Therefore, to address these issues, Patientcare24*7 enables the patients to search for doctors and book their appointments right at their fingertips. Through Patientcare24*7, patients can have a look at the profiles of the listed doctors and stay informed before booking an appointment. Patients can book specialised doctors with prior appointments for up to 15 days. Also, patients can ask queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors on payment of fees online.

ICU Booking:

The ICU or Intensive Care Unit is a specialised unit where seriously ill patients or patients under life-threatening conditions are being monitored by a specialised team. Being admitted to an ICU is a serious concern that takes a toll on the patients as well as their family members. And at these critical stages, the patient should receive the necessary care at the earliest. For this matter, Patientcare24*7 facilitates the booking of ICUs through the IVR system. Our trained operators provides information about the hospitals and nursing homes having ICU facilities and maintains a list of all of the hospitals that provide the same. Through Patientcare24*7, one can check the current status of the availability of ICUs. Additionally, our operators tells the pricing of the ICUs beforehand so that bookings can be made accordingly with ease.

Ambulance Booking:

When it comes to emergency services, an ambulance is the first thing that comes into one’s mind. Finding an ambulance during an emergency can be the deciding factor between life and death of a patient. So, the sooner the ambulance reaches the patient, the more are his chances of making it through during an emergency. And for this reason, Patientcare24*7 facilitates the booking of the ambulance through the IVR system. One can book an ambulance service right at their fingertips irrespective of the time or location just by calling 9085 800 800. Our trained operators will guide them and tell the price beforehand. One can even track the ambulance.

Final word

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, the mobile development industry will bring in more changes in the coming future. Healthcare apps like Patientcare24*7 has simplified the lives of both the patients and doctors to a great extent. On top of that, Patientcare24*7 is the best way to seek medical help as it creates a seamless and smooth experience that is truly magical for both healthcare givers and seekers. And Patientcare24*7 is indeed investing in the future.