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Patient Care 24*7, Assam’s one of the leading emergency ambulance network is built to deliver the best in emergency care to people all across the region through its ambulance services that is not only limited to emergencies, but can also be used by a patient to schedule check-ups & appointments or simply to get home after being discharged from hospital.

At Patient Care 24*7, we provide Air Ambulance & Train Ambulance services for the patients from Assam to all over India. Our toll-free number 6913648111 connects users to emergency facilities by providing timely ambulance service when required. With just one call, a patient can book an ambulance at the location of their choice. The fare for the ambulance services will be informed during the time of booking and the user will have a very seamless experience at the time of any medical emergency happening in their home or nearby. Our strength lies in the fact that we put more care into all aspects related to health, first through getting the ambulance to the patient on time and for the right price. So, in case of medical emergencies, we can encourage people to Dial 6913648111

We at Patient Care 24*7 provides patients to avail 6 types of Emergency Ambulance services:

Advance Life Support Ambulance book online

Advance Life
Support Ambulance

Basic Life Support Ambulance book online

Basic Life
Support Ambulance

Patient Transport Vehicle book online

Patient Transport

air Ambulance book online

Air Ambulance

Train Ambulance book online

Train Ambulance

Dead Body Carrying Ambulance book online

Dead Body Carrying